New day


I just want to say, you guys are like my personal diary.
Not working for me, to write in it every day, or even every week.

At the moment i got no job, I'm going to school in September and i realised that
I don't want to be a wannabe beauty guru like every one else on youtube that I like to follow.
I do want to make more lifestyle and weird video's. That sounds a bit weird maybe, but that is also my goal on youtube and maybe even on social media.
I don't like Twitter that much, huge fan of Instagram and Facebook is more personal and i don't want to share it with the whole wide world!
Okay, Twitter may be fun when i have followers, but still not sure about that.

As usual i will be trying my best to make this blog happen again.
I removed all of my old posts and i just want to make it new again. Thats why the
title is called New Day.

So thanks for listening, or reading excually.
Goodbye, with much love,

p.s. sorry for the messy post, just typing whats in my head.

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